Music is my life loved 80s pop Ska reggae, But

I have a passion for irish folk and Ballad Music

since i was young lad Listening to The Dubliners the wolfe tones and many more.  When I was Dj/ Presenter On local Community Radio I was honour to arrange an interview to the ledgenery @ Ronnie Drew. We became in Contact right up to his passing. My trust has lead to becoming friends of many good folk singers over the years Has lead me to our Part time venture '' Green fields Music Tours we we get the chance to see the cream of irish folk and ballad music playing in the finest hotels in ireland..''the craic is ninty''  Which is now sponsers of Greenfields on line radio. It is here

to give the listener the chance to hear the cream of folk and ballads in ireland. As These artists all deserve the airplay as they dont get enough airplay on main stream radio.


Greenfields online radio is licensed to play folk and ballads 24/7. You can be sure of a singalong to this finest online radio based in ireland..................Anthony Bond